Zenless Zone Zero, the latest MiHoYo project, opens up beta registrations

Mobile gaming giants MiHoYo of Genshin and Honkai Impact fame have officially opened up registrations for the upcoming closed beta of its latest project, an action role-playing game called Zenless Zone Zero. After launching a teaser website only a few days ago, more details about Zenless Zone Zero have come to light alongside this announcement as well.

First, let’s go over exactly what this new adventure is all about. Zenless Zone Zero is set within a futuristic metropolis called New Eridu, the last bastion of humanity following a catastrophic event that nearly ended the world. In this future city, you’ll take on the role of a “Proxy” and take off on adventures alongside a diverse and massive collection of companions to combat mysterious enemies and find answers to the abundance of questions you’ll have about this new setting.


This catastrophe event is referred to as the “Hollows” and is supernatural in origin. Of course, this event brought with it an evil force of ghost-like enemies called the “Ethereal”, strange and hostile monsters hellbent on tearing the city apart. It’s up to you to defend the city from these creatures while also finding out what they want with the citizens of New Eridu.

The actual gameplay will be similar to MiHoYo’s usual bag, featuring slickly animated 3D action with a huge cast, all fully realized with their classic beautiful anime-inspired visuals. While it hasn’t been entirely explained yet, there was also mention of roguelike gameplay systems that should be a treat for fans of that genre.

If you’re looking to sign-up for this now extremely anticipated title, you can do so by simply heading over to the official website. There’s no solid date for when this testing phase will be conducted, so keep an eye out for an invitation and follow the official Twitter handle for any updates!

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