World War Z – Gameplay Overview Trailer

Get another look at the upcoming co-op shooter in this gameplay overview trailer. World War Z will be released on April 16 for PC, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4.

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  1. To completely honest at first I thought this game gonna be a shitty knockoff video game movie like Rambo : The Video Game, but after I played its basically if Left 4 Dead and The Divison had a baby. Definitely would recommend people to play. Its good 8/10

  2. looks like just a more detailed left 4 dead, which I'm not mad at. I wanted more added to that game

  3. The zombie with hazard suit looks like from the L4D xD of course he can run too as fuck

    April 16, 2019 ❤

  4. Those animations were a bit stiff, reminds me of a PS3/360 game with current gen textures. I say wait for reviews.

  5. "AI Director"

    Trying really hard to get that L4D audience, huh

  6. Zombie games are back babeeeeyyy lol

  7. The new Left 4 Dead looks amazing!

  8. Even tho i wish this will be good (as a huge left4dead fan) i feel like this game is gonna come out mediocre as fuck and will sit in mixed reviews all year (if it would come out on steam that is)

  9. Oh shit when did left 4 dead get a new game

  10. These damn shills going Epic games Exclusive

  11. sounds like left 4 dead

  12. Oh WOW!!! This looks way cooler than i was expecting <3

  13. Looks interesting but I question the replayability after you complete these episodes 🤔🧐

  14. That Police zombie was doing the charger slam animation lol

  15. Fucking hell… another game that's on Epic. Wellllll I was gonna buy it because of the Left 4 Dead vibes but nopeeeee, peace out!!

  16. Is anyone actually excited for this? I feel like it's gonna flop hard :/

  17. epic game store logo…..

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