Wolfenstein 2: The New Colossus Official Put the Chocolate Down Trailer

Catch a clip of Trust in Brother, a show that airs in the game’s world.

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  1. Wait, I thought gerries loved chocolate

  2. Reminds of the fire nation school in Atla

  3. I thought he will be killed just for that reason

  4. I wish more games had this type of Marketing, it would've been much better

  5. It was what was going on within families living in the territories occupied by the Nazis and it, as you can imagine, was not funny at all.
    Parents who denounced their children, children who denounced their parents, brothers and sisters who denounced each other and in all this the word family had become an empty term, devoid of any meaning.

  6. German America = Better America

  7. Idk but that is the most german looking guy ive ever seen.

  8. Afteryears of 'blablablah nazis are evil blablablah' .. It's good to see a game that has the balls to say that nothing is totally good and nothing is totally evil. And that even Nazis had good ideas sometimes.

  9. Is that Milk Chocolate, Dark Chocolate or Protein Bars?

  10. This is why I love The New Colossus,they have unique ads.

  11. One more candy bar and its camp for you……

    laugh track plays

  12. And now we have a perfect World.

  13. the fact Augustus Gloop was killed by the nazis puts a smile on my face lol

  14. I mean sweets are fine as snacks or a small desert, but they should be replaced with more healthier things, i mean chocolate with more cocoa than sugar is actually healthy, cocoa is good for our health.

  15. This was one of my favorite shows as a kid growing up in nazi
    controlled america…Ah memerios

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