Winding Worlds is a charming and heartfelt adventure-puzzler available now on Apple Arcade

Acclaimed indie developer KO_OP has today released its latest title, Winding Worlds, exclusively for Apple Arcade. It’s said to a partial continuation of the team’s beloved 3D monster-themed puzzler GNOG, delivering the same wholesome sense of humour and smart puzzles that fans have come to expect. 

This one takes you on a grand journey through the afterlife that spans multiple mythic worlds. The story centres around a friendly little creature named Willow, who is one day hired by a cosmic snake to help clean up his passage to the afterlife. As you continue along on your quest, you’ll meet, help, and befriend a varied cast of lost souls as they attempt to find acceptance and move on from their respective planets.
“With Winding Worlds, every aspect of the game is made with accessibility in mind: from a storytelling perspective that means crafting a narrative that kids will love that adults can grasp a deeper meaning from. From a mechanics standpoint it means focusing on ease of use, with art and music that is accessible to as wide a swath of people as possible,” said KO_OP co-founder, Saleem Dabbous.

“This sort of ‘Pixar-approach’ to content means we treat our characters and storylines with respect and lightheartedness without shying away from heavy or complex topics.”

PG alumni Harry Slater reviewed GNOG very positively back in 2017, praising its smart puzzles and sense of humour. Winding Worlds looks and sounds similarly charming. 

If you fancy giving KO_OP’s latest a go, you’ll find it available for download now from over on the App Store. With it being an Apple Arcade exclusive at launch, you’ll of course need an active subscription to play. Those go for $4.99 a month or $49.99 for a full year. 
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