All range mode

Close range? Long range? Listen, where you’re going, the only range you need is the shooting range, because there’s a single gun for every occasion. It’s the sniper rifle.

Yeah, the bolt-action sniper rifle you get right at the beginning of the game. Hurry up and put it in your second slot, and use it from now on. Trust us.

The sniper rifle is devastating, and it’ll take enemies down with a single shot, as long as you’re not shooting through walls. Legs, chest, head, wherever you hit them, they will go down, and it feels great every single time.

Hanging out at home

So now that you have your weapon, it’s time to get in position, and that position should be at home. Or, facing the opponent’s spawn point.

Fixed spawn points can be a nightmare, but they’ll be a boon to you. You will be able to follow the arrow indicators on the ground to the enemy spawn point, and simply camp out nearby while picking off enemies.

Hide behind a chest-high wall or strafe in and out of a doorway to get good shots. You can stand facing the spot they spawn at, but they’ll spawn with invincibility for several seconds, so you should probably just wait outside.

The vantage point

Not every map allows you to corner the enemy spawn so effectively though. When you have this issue, it’s time to find a good vantage point. Try and find somewhere high up, and use it to snipe enemies below.

This is always a good tactic, but you leave yourself open to shots from enemy snipers. Getting up high is good, but make sure you have cover or somewhere to escape to.

Even if the vantage point isn’t great for killing enemies, it’ll be good to see where they move to, so you can get the jump on them and take them down quickly.

No rest for the wicked

Now that you’ve got the weapon you need and the best strategies, you need the skills to win. And this will come with time, and be helped with this tip…

With the sniper you hold down the fire button to aim, and let go to shoot. This is actually incredible fast and accurate, meaning you can do it incredibly quickly.

You can basically shoot enemies like a Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare no-scope, very quickly and very efficiently, making it a fearsome tool in the right hands. Good luck…

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