Win early in Area F2 with these beginner tips

Where is the enemy…

Once you begin a game, your first goal should be to locate your enemies. As the infiltration team you will be able to throw mobile UAVs into the building, which can sneak under barricades and locate the enemy team.

The defenders meanwhile can use CCTV cameras around the building to watch the exterior, and some of the interior.

Communicate with your team, if you can, and take down the enemy team as fast as possible – just don’t make any hazardous moves now that you know where they are…


Barricades on doors and windows can be broken by gunfire or melee attacks, giving you vital vantage points into the world.

If you’re feeling secure about where you are, just poke a hole into a barricade and aim your gun through to see if there are any enemies that you can pop off. Of course you can do the same thing through floors by using explosives.

Naturally, if there is an enemy on the other side of a barricade, you’re leaving yourself open to being spotted and shot through the wall.

Leaning in

Keeping yourself hidden is important in a close-quarters game like this, even if you’re trying to shoot the enemy down. Which is why there are dedicated ADS lean buttons near the movement stick.

These buttons will have your aim down the sights of your weapon, and then lean either to the right or left, allowing you to poke out of hiding spots behind cover, or around walls.

This is a key feature of the game because mastering your positioning is important, not only in the building, but in any given room. Keep your body hidden and out of the way, while keeping your aim offensive and ready to kill at any moment.

Making, or blocking, and entrance

This should be done early on in the game. You can approach windows or doors as a defender, and put up a barricade. You have limited numbers of barricades mind, and you should be wide not to lock yourself in a room accidentally…

Barricades have use to stop enemies getting in obviously, but more than that, they can be used to obscure the view of the enemy. Making it so the enemy doesn’t know what’s behind the barricade is more important than keeping them out.

Make sure to use all of your barricades in your preparation phase, and if you’re an invader, maybe consider remote explosives to dismantle barricades without putting yourself at risk. Or finding another way around, perhaps the floor or ceiling…

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