Where should you play Genshin Impact? Android vs iOS vs PS4 vs PC

Handheld VS console VS PC

The big separation between playing Genshin Impact on a mobile device versus a console or computer is, of course, input method and the screen you play the game on. And these comes with a few other questions, too.

Well first off, playing on your mobile device is a great way to play this game on the go, and you can easily jump in, explore the world, destroy a few monsters, and be on your way. It’s simple, straightforward, and instantly satisfying.

On PC or console, you should be preparing to sit down and play for much longer sessions, of course. Genshin Impact is wonderfully designed for anyone that wants to sit down and focus on their game for hours on end, especially for a free title.

Ultimately, this one is down to preference.

Touch screen VS controller

Now this is a bigger sticking point for many players. You won’t be connecting controllers to your mobile device to play Genshin Impact, while of course controller or mouse + keyboard support is included on console and PC.

A touch screen interface means translucent buttons getting in the way of the gorgeous graphics and action, while a controller makes for a much more natural way to play.

Having said that though, if you could use a controller on mobile it’d just be another cumbersome device to pull out when you wish to play a quick game.

I’m going to say that controller is the best way to play this one, but your own choice is what is truly best.

Continuing the adventure on the go

Being able to play cross-save is a massive boon. Hey, why pick a single system, if you can play across multiple systems, right? Playing at home, on the big screen, with a controller, and then jumping in and continuing your game on your mobile device as your leave the house. What’s not to love?

Well, what’s not to love is the fact that it isn’t all that easy, at least for PS4 players. If you wish to play Genshin Impact on PS4, then that account will be tied to your PS4 and only your PS4. If you wish to continue playing on mobile, start a new account.

This problem is not shared by the PC version of the game though, meaning you can absolutely play on PC at home in the same way you do a console, and then continue playing the game on the bus with your iOS or Android device. A massive difference.

Our vote goes to PC and mobile here, for obvious reasons, but PS4 is still a fine way to play.

A full list of friends?

If you are all about multiplayer, you might find it’s not all that easy to jump into immediately. You will need to progress – but luckily, you should be able to play with whomever you wish.

Yes, Genshin Impact has full cross-play support, meaning you will be able to play with all of your friends regardless of what platform they’re on, but your friends list will fill up faster on PS4.

PS4 players will find their friends list instantly populated by whomever you already have added that has started playing the game. Very nice indeed. Players on every other platform will be focusing on adding via UIDs, which is a bit more complicated friend code system. Annoying.

So if you want to jump in with friends, you can play anywhere, but PC or PS4 might be best, just for the convenience of the friends list, and voice chat of course.

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