Microsoft dropped a pretty penny to acquire Zenimax Media and its various subsidiary studios, including Bethesda, the developer and publisher behind industry-defining franchises like The Elder Scrolls and Fallout. There are plenty of questions circulating about this massive business move, but it’s safe to speculate that the next generation of Xbox gaming will include a bevy of long-awaited titles, as well as unexpected surprises. Here are some prospective games – announced and unannounced – that we’re excited to see:

Fallout New Vegas 2

Obsidian Entertainment & Bethesda Softworks

Maybe you already saw this one coming. A lot of people loved Fallout New Vegas when it was first released a decade ago – published by Bethesda and developed by Obsidian Entertainment. Obsidian has been busy with their own RPG experiences ever since. The Pillars of Eternity series was a blast from the past and a spiritual successor to Baldur’s Gate. The Outer Worlds took home plenty of “Best RPG” awards last year, and Avowed looks to be an intense smorgasbord of medieval-era story beats and sword-swinging combat. Now that Obsidian and Bethesda are together under Microsoft’s extensive umbrella, Fallout New Vegas 2’s announcement and development might not be such a stretch anymore.

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        <div class="clearfix text-formatted field field--name-field-copy field--type-text-long field--label-hidden gi5-field-copy gi5-text-long field__item"><span><span>Depending on your final choices as Morgan Yu at the end of Prey, there might not be much of a story left to tell ... but we still want to return to this universe. Prey 2 could possibly focus on the aftermath of a potential Typhon outbreak, and it would be interesting to fight and survive in the denser, outdoor locations of Earth as opposed to the cramped, claustrophobic passageways of derelict space stations. There’s also the chance that Prey 2 could have its own standalone story with a new protagonist and new enemies. Only time will tell what the team has in store for its Prey playerbase. </span></span>