Warhammer: Odyssey is launching a closed beta test later this month

Warhammer: Odyssey, Games Workshop and Virtual Realms’ mobile MMORPG, is getting a closed beta test later this month. The announced arrived via the game’s official Discord server and was first spotted by Droid Gamers.

This one takes you on a grand adventure across iconic Old World locations, from Marienburg and Drakwald Forest to The Wasteland. Each area boasts its own visual style and enemy hordes to take down, and it’s all rendered in impressive detail, as you can see in the gameplay footage below.

Rather than go it alone, you’d be wise to join a band of mercenaries and work to push back against Morrslieb the Chaos Moon’s evil influence. The world itself has been thrown into disarray by the sudden appearance of many grisly creatures, and ancient pacts must now be honoured between distant groups if anyone is to be saved.

Before getting into the usual world-saving shenanigans, you’ll first have to select between three playable races: human, dwarf, and elf. There are also six different character classes to test out, including the Witch Hunter, Archmage, Slayer, Engineer, Shadow Warrior, and Warrior Priest.

New bosses, enemy types, and locations from the Old World are set to be added over time as the game continues to progress after launch. It looks fairly impressive from a visual standpoint, and I do enjoy how varied the explorable locations appear to be.

Warhammer: Odyssey doesn’t yet have a confirmed release date, but for now, you can join the game’s official Discord server and perhaps even gain access to the closed beta test, which is currently expected to kick off later this month. More info can be found on the game’s site.
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