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Nerf Ultimate Championship – Official Reveal Trailer | Summer of Gaming 2021

Never lose a foam dart again in Nerf Ultimate Championship, developer Secret Location’s competitive VR …


  1. Hey look, its like that one and only warhammer game that doesn't suck. I hope its like that game, and not every single other game with their license.

  2. Lego battle is cool, good job.

  3. So just a reskin of vermintide then…..

  4. N.O.I.C.E. !!! Can't wait to play this gem with my not yet warhammer fan friends and convert them to warhammer fans with this HELL of a game!

  5. so basically Vermintide but in 40k

  6. wow the teaser was so much better.. we c an forget this one guys looks so bad

  7. Totally looks like a 40k Vermintide. And I'm so OK with that!

  8. Damn, guess that last team didn't make it back after all. I was excited to play as the guy with the broken gun too.

  9. I love Warhammer but this does not look interesting. Next!

  10. In the teaser trailer, we had 4 (essentially) grunts that made the game look more like a Left 4 Dead style game which people were pretty hyped for but now it's just looking like 40k Vermintide :/

    Damn, that's a way to kill my interest.

  11. This is the Vermintide engine with new assets…

  12. 40K Vermintide im guessing? I can get behind that 🙂

  13. Can’t tell if the massive fucker is a Catachan or, somehow, reject Astartes.

  14. I like the oygren or how you spell it

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