War of Gama is a blockchain-based MMORPG coming to mobile from Catheon Gaming

Catheon Gaming has teamed up with Gamamobi to announce the upcoming launch of War of Gama, now with blockchain-based gameplay. The MMORPG lets players engage in thrilling adventures with idle gameplay to keep the grinding to a minimum.

In War of Gama, players are thrust into the middle ages where they’ll have to fight to survive fearsome monsters that emerged from a space-time rift. The game boasts both PVE and PVP content to keep players hooked.

We are extremely proud and excited to be announcing our partnership with Gamamobi for this highly anticipated title. The RPG category has historically been the top-grossing mobile category, and we look forward to bringing such a high-quality title to contend in it. With significant game development complete, we have the important lead time on many other projects in the blockchain space. We believe with its carefully designed game world and mechanics, War of Gama is set to take the blockchain and broader mobile gaming by storm,” says William Wu, Founder of Catheon Gaming.

We originally came up with the idea for War of Gama 3 years ago and have been meticulously planning and executing on it since. We are extremely excited to be able to show the world what we have developed, leveraging our collective experience in creating several blockbuster mobile games. We are confident this partnership with Catheon Gaming will ensure the integration to the blockchain will be additive to the game and reach the widest possible audience in the tradition and blockchain gaming space globally,” says Dale Huang, Founder of Gamamobi.

If you’re keen on learning more, you can visit the official website to stay updated on all the latest developments.

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