UnderKnight is a truly mobile roguelite in full portrait mode with one-thumb controls, available on Early Access

In UnderKnight, you tap to attack, hold to bow, and swipe to roll. TruePlayers’ creative title entered Android Early Access on June 30th, but even in soft launch, the game promises to provide a fresh experience with every randomly generated level. The initial version will feature three levels and a single boss, making it easy to get into whether you’re on the daily commute or lounging around on a lazy Sunday at home.

As expected of the genre, you’ll likely have to repeat levels multiple times thanks to the unforgiving mechanic. However, being a roguelite, the game offers you a bit of a breather with upgrades you can purchase from gold earned after each run. No single playthrough is the same, of course, as you can sometimes steal your foes’ HP or swing around your flaming sword to gain an advantage in battle, depending on your equipped perks.

The portrait controls of this one-thumb game – coupled with its beautiful, vibrant art style – is only one of the reasons why UnderKnight bagged first place in the very first Digital Big Indie Pitch edition last year. If you’re curious about how the game works, go ahead and sign up for the Early Access version on Google Play.

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