Unbeatable – Gameplay Trailer | Day of the Devs 2021

Take a look at this rhythm adventure game, Unbeatable, where music is illegal and you do crimes. Showcased during Day of the Devs 2021, in Unbeatable, talk your way through trouble and fight your way through arcade rhythm set pieces when the game arrives on PC.

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  1. If ya have a pc, play this game NOW ITS FREE PLAY IT NOW ITS SO GOOD OMG ITS GREAT

  2. Normally not a rhythm game person but this is peaking my interest big time

  3. This is gonna be the greatest game of all time

  4. 60 seconds and already i want in.

  5. Yes! I need this game! I love rhythm games, I love stories, I love the artstyle. I've been playing a lot of muse dash and it seems like it was training me for this game. Gonna check out the demo after my exams

  6. please release this on playstation as well!

  7. It can't be, I need this indie, it looks beautiful, it reminds me of my favorite anime kill la kill and my god the music, the music is too beautiful, I NEED this to come out on nintendo switch

  8. Looks promising.. will check it out

  9. I remember seeing this game at Magfest last year. Nice to see how far it's come

  10. art is ripping off Imaishi hard

  11. Hope they let a certain shark girl play this

  12. Muse Dash with a FLCL artstyle, looks great!

  13. this looks sick, but then it it's pc only..

  14. Definitely getting this game

  15. Muse Dash but relatively less weeb.

  16. Draglade that cuts to the chase?

  17. I’m digging the studio trigger energy here

  18. Looking great! Checking out the Steam demo this weekend!

  19. Yea this game is dope as fuck

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