Ultimate Rivals: The Court tips to keep in mind on offense

Tip #1 – Think About Your Roster

Basketball is very player-oriented. Certain players have specific skills that they may be elite at while others might be all-around stars. In a way, that’s how Ultimate Rivals: The Court applies its strategic layer. Forming your squad can really have an impact on how you play.

When putting your team together, take a look at your athletes’ strengths and weaknesses. Go with all offensive-oriented players if you want all scoring. Go with more defensive style players if you want to lean more in that direction or, feel free to mix and match.

It’s all about just looking at the attributes. Many of the football players, especially defensive ones, are more rebound based while a baseball shortstop will be more scoring-focused. Unlock athletes and mix and match to see which group of players work best for you.

Tip #2 – Don’t Be Afraid to Take Mid-Range Shots

In real-world basketball, three-point shooting is all the rage, both in college hoops and the NBA. An art that used to be critical was mid-range shooting with some of the great players in history relying on their mid-range game including Michael Jordan.

In Ultimate Rivals: The Court, feel free to take an old-school approach on offense and get in some mid-range shots. If you have an open three-pointer then, by all means, go ahead and let it fly. However, make sure to keep your players’ attributes in mind.

The good thing about shooting mid-range is that even shooters who aren’t great have a better chance at sinking a shot from 15 to 18 feet. This can lead to easy points especially if the opponents are trying to guard the paint.

Tip #3 – Shooting Threes From The Corners

The corner three-pointer is quite possibly the highest percentage shot in all of basketball. They’re fairly close to the hoop, and of course, they give you three points. You don’t have to, but if you can, utilize the corners as these shots will fall easier, depending on the athlete you’re controlling.

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Even players who aren’t that great at shooting can knock some of these down. Just be careful when attempting them with athletes who aren’t really shooters. If you have an elite shooter on your team, then you can score from virtually anywhere.

However, if you have a player who’s pretty average and if you’re in a position to shoot a three from the corner, try and let it fly. Try to be there for an offensive rebound if you miss or get yourself in position over on the defensive side. This is really just a reminder that corner threes can be effective with a broader number of athletes. If your squad is full of great shooters, then the world is your three-point shooting ocean.

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