Two Worlds 2 Official Call of the Tenebrae Gameplay Launch Trailer

The DLC is out now for the game.

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  1. Too late for DLC of the game that was out in 2011…

  2. [Realizes this game] T-Two Worlds 2?! WTFudge Muffin…

  3. Why did they even bother making this still. It's incredibly late. I was hoping that they were just making two worlds 3 already but I guess not.

  4. No i did not,…noooooooo!

  5. Anita is going to have a field day with that….

  6. Do NOT support this game and it's horrible business practices. With the release of this DLC, they have removed the in game console where you could spawn in supplies, and instead introduces micro transactions to buy said supplies. This is NOT ok, and this game does not deserve money from anyone!

  7. Oh man someone HAS to get the story on how dlc released for a 6 year old game from 2011

  8. dumbasses releasing dlc for a half ass game 8 years later, smart

  9. noone asked for that dammit

  10. What really is this the real reason they made all that stupid DLC for this old game on the steam virsion & now this ghh just make TW3 and I might be interested.

  11. maybe if they made it multiplayer and put it on the nintendo switch

  12. I love two worlds but really….too late for this. Just give us two worlds 3.

  13. Why is a dlc for a crappy game from 2011 being released?

  14. Don't forget, the game also has microtransations now

  15. didn't this receive microtransactions not to long ago?? Jim Sterling is going to roast this XD

  16. Hey guys, look!! It looks like skyrim in sterooooids! 😐

  17. Guess youtube didn't fuck up ,wow 6 years for a dlc no one wanted

  18. Didn't this game suck anyway?

  19. I can't believe it took this long for a DLC for a game that released in 2011 to finally come out.

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