Pick up the speed

Gaining speed is highly critical to making tricks happen. It’s easy to do and you can go pretty quickly. Just swipe down on the right or left side of your screen a few tips. This will get you rolling well. Just make sure you’re skating in a direction where you see some ramps.

By picking up the pace, this will let you get some bigger air. And of course, you know what happens when you gain some air. You’ll be able to perform some sick tricks. So definitely practice on just skating around and work on your pace.

Start with easier tricks

There are many tricks you can do in True Skate and that includes grinding among other things. But, it’d be wise to start off with some basic tricks like the Pop-Shove It or Kickflip. It’s going to feel pretty satisfying once you master the basic tricks.

And if you really want to get fancy with them, then you will be able to double-it-up on the tricks. For example, you can do a double or even a triple Kickflip. This way, you can still practice on the simpler moves while still racking up a nice score.

I know you want to get to performing some cooler tricks, but you’ll find it satisfying when perfecting the basics. Remember that this game is like a simulation, so the authenticity of it can lead to legit joy. You’ll feel like you accomplished some cool stuff after nailing some tricks. 

Revert back to the tutorials

Listen, I know you don’t want to really bother with tutorials but feel free to look back at some of the short ones that True Skate offers. And yes, this is a tip telling you to look at tips. Again, their short, sweet and to the point so they won’t take up much of your time. 

But if you’re still feeling kind of lost out there, the tutorials are your comfort food. Maybe you forgot how to do a certain trick. This is where they come in. And, you don’t even need to leave your game to check them out. 

You could be skating freely in the park and can stop and pop the tutorials open at any time. So, they’re convenient in that, they’re quick and easy, and they’re very accessible. What do you got to lose, right? 

Get personalized

As with most sports games, there is a customization element to it. This is just a fun little tip to let you know to swag out your skateboard to your heart’s content. You have a select amount of decks and grips you can get. You can even select from different wheels as well as colors. 

However, you will need to unlock most of the designs. This can be done simply by playing the game and racking up the gold, or you can use real money if so wish (I know; microtransactions but again, this is up to you). There are a couple of free items you can grab in the meantime while you build your in-game wealth. 

And don’t worry, it shouldn’t take you horribly long to get enough currency to get new items. When I started out, I was already at over 200 gold after just doing a few tricks. It costs 20,000 for most decks and grips while wheels go for under 10,000. You can get decks and grips that are totally customized with your image for 10,000 or $.99. These are just fun ways to add some flare to your experience.  





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