Use The Right Trucks

This sort of goes without saying but it’s important to make sure that you’re using the right trucks for the right situations in Transport City: Truck Tycoon. You’ll be grabbing your share of supplies in the game and a good old-fashioned pickup truck will do the job.

With most places being built, you need to carry some goods to the location in order for things to work. Grab your truck, get the materials needed, and get to work. You’ll probably have to make a couple of trips to a sport where the needed supplies are in order to have enough.

Even after the building is finished, you will need to continue to take care of it. If it’s a store for example, then you can go grab some meat that you can place on your truck and take to the store. Just keep an eye out for any potential problems that may occur. If they do arise, then you’ll need to use a different truck.

Collect Keys

Keys are the ultimate way to expand your truck empire in Transport City: Truck Tycoon. You earn keys by completing different missions in the game. Missions can be something like starting construction on a building which usually takes a very small amount of material to start.

Keep completing these and you’ll be racking up the keys. You’ll have a good chunk of them to start off with and of course, these will just pile on top of each other. with keys, you can open up crates which will unlock new vehicles for you to use.

The more vehicles you collect, the more trucks you can send out for grabbing materials. Starting off, you will be able to send out two of them at a time. As you unlock more trucks, you’ll be able to speed up the process and make things a bit easier.

Collect Crystals

There are these sparkling little items that are shown in your inventory on the top of your screen. These are crystals, and they are really a jack of all trades in Transport City: Truck Tycoon. You can use them to purchase coins which will allow you to buy equipment to upgrade your trucks.

Another thing that they can be used for that really comes in handy is the ability to speed up the picking up and delivering of supplies. This can really save you some valuable time when needed. Usually, picking up and dropping off supplies takes a minimum of at least 30 seconds each way. With the crystals, you can instantly have things picked up and dropped off.

If you have a good chunk of crystals, then you can crack open some premium crates which will net you some specialty vehicles. You’ll start the game out with a small number of crystals but can earn more over time and there is a Daily Supplies section on the HUD that can take advantage of as well.


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