Townscaper, Raw Fury’s colourful town-building game, is heading for iOS and Android next month

Do you ever feel like sitting back and just building a town with the tap of your finger? Well, soon you can. Townscaper, the town-builder that has sold over a million copies onPC and Nintendo Switch, is finally coming to Android and iOS. The game will launch for mobile on October 20th but you can pre-register for it right now on the App Store and Google Play.

Townscape is the creation of Oskar Stålberg, who was a Technical Artist at Ubisoft and Unity Developer at UsTwo. The previous game he worked on was Viking RTS Bad North, after which he began creating Townscaper, which has been published by Raw Fury.


Following the success of Townscaper on other platforms, Raw Fury thought it was time to enter the mobile gaming realm and hence Oskar Stålberg is back helping Raw Fury make Townscaper available for phones.

Townscaper is more a toy than an actual game. The mechanics are really very simple. You just need to tap the screen and down come colourful blocks that align together to create a beautiful looking town. Such a Zen way of building towns, isn’t it? These vibrant island towns do not require a single resource to build. Townscaper isn’t the kind of game where you have to strategize and save up resources, and build very smartly, trying to maximize from what little you have.

Instead, you have unlimited materials and are only limited by your creativity. If you ever need a break from reality, just open Townscaper and tap away. A colourful town will soon build itself from scratch in front of your eyes. You can never lose in this game and there’s zero grinding.

You can pre-register for Townscaper now on the App Store and Google Play. When the game launches on October 20th, be prepared to listen to some relaxing music while blocks smoothly align to piece together a town in front of your eyes.

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