Towerlands: Basic tips for building a tower empire

Upgrade early and often

Making your tower more powerful is a huge part of being successful in Towerlands. You may win pretty easily on the first couple of waves, but you will receive a rude awakening after additional waves. You’ll notice the hoards of enemies get bigger, and they charge at your tower quicker. 

The damage they can deal be massive, so that’s why it’s good to upgrade early. Don’t save your coins because if your tower is short, then you’ll get wrecked every time. I found that out myself, and it’s amazing how quickly they can carve down your tower. 

So, be prepared and build it up. Just keep in mind that you need to get past certain waves in order to continue your ascension. In short, you won’t be able to make some super tower right from the jump, which is a good thing because it keeps the game balanced. You have to earn your way to better upgrades, but take advantage of the ones you have.

Mix up your army

There are quite a few different warriors to choose from. From archers to knights to sorcerers and everything in between, there are numerous ways to diversify your group. So once you start to unlock more soldiers, then mix it up, and give yourself a variety of firepower choices.

Each group will fire off their weapons simultaneously, giving the enemy hoards fits. They’ll keep coming though, so utilize the power of everyone by simply tapping the areas that you want to attack. Not is having a mixture of warriors good, it looks nice too. Prepare for an explosive show once your tower and army grow.

Use your special abilities

Each character that you add to your army has their own special abilities that you can use once per wave. This can really be huge in turning the tide of battle. You’ll see some buttons on the bottom of the screen that allows you to use the specials of each character class.

These babies will more than likely save you on a few occasions. Probably my favorite is the archer’s where he rains down arrows from above on a targeted area of your choice. Your best bet when using these deadly moves is by taking out the enemies that in the front of the pack. Take them out before they damage your tower. 

Do this while mixing it up with your basic weapons and you’ll be slicing through those early waves with no problem. Just use your specials at the best times and you’ll be gravy (and mashed potatoes). 

Build your kingdom

Building structures in your town is also important to your success. It’s sometimes easy to overlook because each of the battles are so fast-paced and you can play them consecutively.  But it’s a good idea to take a look at your city and see what you could build. 

Most things will benefit you in the field. One thing that’s arguably the best is one that you’ll build super early. It’s a mine where you can dig up gold. As mentioned, gold can be used to upgrade your tower’s size, and add more soldiers. 

That in itself is extremely beneficial, especially because it’s essentially a requirement to upgrade before advancing to the next levels. You don’t have to, but if you don’t, then you might get walloped. So collect that gold and take advantage. Build your kingdom, reap the rewards like the leader that you are. 

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