Top 8 games open for pre-registration on iPhone and Android

League of Legends: Wild Rift (Android, iOS to come)

This one is going to be absolutely massive when it finally drops. Riot Games is set to bring its all-conquering MOBA franchise to mobile some time this year. It’s not a direct port, with streamlined mechanics and shorter, sharper matches. But this will still be a major contender on the competitive online scene when it lands.

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad

Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad is far from your typical Tom Clancy game. Oh, there are squads of militaristic types shooting at each other. But the presentation is bright, stylised, and – dare we say it – perky, similar to how the GO series lightened the tone for several established console series. It plays like a casual 5v5 PvP multiplayer turn-based strategy game featuring Ubisoft’s best-known characters.

Deemo II (Android, iOS to come)

The original Deemo won a whole lot of cross-platform love for its distinctly off kilter brand of rhythm action. It was essentially Guitar Hero with a story and a beautiful anime art style. So the recent news from Rayark (Cytus, VOEZ, Sdorica) that you can now sign up for pre-registration on Deemo II – albeit only on Android at present – is rather exciting.

Diablo Immortal (Android, iOS to come)

It’s fair to say that Diablo Immortal didn’t go down too well with hardcore ARPG fans when it was announced in 2018. With Six iconic classes and a story set between Diablo II and II, we’re quietly hopeful that it can translate Blizzards lauded hack-and-slash formula to mobile. If it can steer clear of egregious monetisation and maintain the depth and balance that the series is known for, there’s a chance it won’t be another Elder Scrolls: Blades.

Soul of Eden (Android, iOS to come)

We’re not sure who’s put what in Rayark’s porridge, but long may they continue. Not only is Deemo II available for pre-registration, but so is this intriguing game. Soul of Eden is the ace Taiwanese developer’s first stab at a PvP eSports game, which combines real time strategy with card game mechanics. This is shaping up to be one beautiful twist on the whole Clash Royale thing.

Eve Echoes (Android, iOS to come)

Eve Online is one of the longest running MMOs, having been running on PC since 2003. It’s not your typical swords and sorcery affair either, but rather a vast space trading epic that gives you an entire futuristic universe to explore. Eve Echoes promises to bring a slice of that space sandbox MMO action to mobile. If it captures even a sliver of the original’s obsessive majesty, we’ll be in for treat.

The Almost Gone (Android, iOS to come)

This stylish narrative puzzler asks you to examine a series of stylish yet deadly dioramas in forensic detail to establish how your character ended up in limbo. It sounds dark – and it is, a bit – but there’s a bright, bold edge to The Almost Gone’s presentation that promises to prevent it from becoming too gloomy.

Arrog (Android, iOS to come)

My, but we’re in a morbid mood this month. Arrog is an enigmatic puzzler that sees you guiding a man’s travels through his dreams, and helping him to accept his own death. Yikes. Again, though, the presentation looks set to lift the tone considerably. The game features beautiful monochrome visuals, with the odd colour accent for added impact.

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