Top 6 Mobile Games adapted into Tabletop Games

Jetpack Joyride

Jetpack Joyride is a real-time competitive puzzle game that has players flying, using jetpacks, through a lab, around obstacles. The game is done through three rounds. First, players receive four lab cards, then players, all at the same time, need to grab tiles from a common pool and lay them on the lab map so that they can trace their way through the lab. Points are scored through mission cards or by collecting coins inside the map. The first player to reach the end of the lap triggers the end of the round, where scores are tallied and written down. Players then start again, with the lowest scoring player picking a permanent upgrade out of a river of four. This tabletop game brings the intense action and fun from the mobile game to your kitchen table.

Plague Inc

Plague Inc is all about becoming the deadliest virus running through the world, by scoring DNA points. You will need to evolve deadly traits, spread across the world, and slowly kill off literally everyone. The game starts with everyone selecting a type of bug to play – either a virus or bacteria, then a colour, then drawing a starting country. Once you have your coloured pin in your country, you will need to draw an opening hand and place your DNA marker on the DNA track. You will gain points for the number of countries you are currently in. You will then select a country from those who are face up or draw one from the deck. From there, you can purchase evolution cards from your hand using your DNA points. Then, you can start to expand your virus to a new country, causing death to occur to the people there. It’s a strategic game where you slowly take over the world – and it’s worth checking out as Plague Inc on mobile grows in popularity!

Zombie Tsunami

Zombie Tsunami is a party game with quick gameplay, just like the mobile app it comes from. In this game, every player is leading a horde of zombies through the city. The winner is the person who has the biggest zombie horde at the end of the three rounds of the game. Humans, of course, do not want zombies to survive, so they will be fighting back as you try to move forward, in hopes of getting rid of these undead creatures roaming their home. Players actually need to collaborate in the game, bluff each other out and often betray one another in order to actually be the biggest horde standing in the end. This is much like a multiplayer version of the digital game and it is really interesting to play with a bunch of people.

Kingdom Rush: Rift in Time

Kingdom Rush: Rift in Time is a tower defense board game, based on the mobile game Kingdom Rush, that has you cooperating with other players to keep your kingdom defended. You will need to use towers and heroes to defend yourself, as enemies and portals start appearing, thanks to the Time Mage. Working together to upgrade towers and keep your heroes in the best places possible. They can move around the board and attack the various enemies appearing, making sure to clear them before they make it to the kingdom itself. Everyone will need to work together against a common goal – and with a bunch of different scenarios, there is a lot of gameplay here! It’s a really interesting version of the game, and quite fun in the way that it is set up.

Fruit Ninja: Combo Party

Of course, Fruit Ninja has a board game! Fruit Ninja: Combo Party is a drafting board game that also uses dexterity and push-your-luck aspects to keep things interesting. It’s another simple game, much like the one it’s based on, and comes in two phases. There is a fruit phase, where all players choose a single Fruit from their deck. All cards are revealed at the same time, and if two or more players have the same fruit, the first to grab that fruit from the central totem gets a reward. The next phase is the scoring phrase, where players get to decide if they want to keep their current Combo or score it now and start anew. Bigger combos will net you more rewards, so you’ll need to choose carefully. It’s an interesting take on a game about slicing fruit!

Angry Birds Knock on Wood Board Game

An Angry Birds themed board game, Angry Birds Knock on Wood, is a great tabletop game for younger children looking to play a physical version of the mobile game. In this game, players draw cards and build the structure shown on the card before their enemy launches an Angry Bird in an attempt to knock down the structure and pigs to win points. This game is simple, and is really similar to the digital game itself, which is useful for those who are fans of the mobile game! You can see your favorite pigs and birds feature in Angry Birds Knock on Wood and physically knock structures down in satisfying falls.

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