Genre: Action, Adventure, RPG

Reventure looks an awful lot like yet another backwards-looking platformer in love with the genre’s 8-bit past. But it’s actually a good deal more ambitious than it initially seems.

Its world is open to exploration, for one thing, and there’s an intriguing Groundhog Day aspect that sees you looping back to the beginning again and again. All of which sounds like it could get tedious, but 100 distinct endings and subtle embellishments to each run keep things fresh and interesting.

Juicy Realm

Juicy Realm
Juicy Realm is an extremely sharp and unusually well fleshed out twin-stick shooter with detailed graphics, bags of unlockables, and loads of replayability. Pick from a range of colourful characters and blast gun-toting fruit into sweet chunks.

Yes, it’s all a bit wacky. But in a way that enhances rather than detracts from the core action. It really is a sweet treat of a thing if you like your action games to have a bit of substance to them.

Kartrider Rush+

Developer: Nexon

Publisher: Nexon

Genre: Racing

Kartrider Rush+
Can we all just admit that Nintendo’s mobile Mario Kart debut was a bit of a disappointment? We’re all adults here, and it doesn’t change our love for the big N one jot. But yeah, Mario Kart World Tour ain’t too hot.

Not if you wanted something that resembles a full fat karting game at any rate. KartRider Rush+ gets far closer to what we were after, with slick arcade racing action and a more involved, fleshed out control system. OK, so it lacks that Nintendo soul and magic. But it plays well.

If Found…

If Found...
If you dig narrative games, then If Found… is a brilliantly fresh addition to the genre. It sees you literally erasing the painful memories of protagonist Kasio as she returns from university to small town Ireland.

No, the gameplay isn’t particularly involved, never really moving beyond wiping the screen with your finger. But the story If Found… tells and the distinctive hand-drawn art style through which the developer tells it more than makes up for this lack of depth.

Legends of Runeterra

Genre: Card battler, Card/board game, Strategy

Legends of Runeterra
OK, so Legends of Runeterra was technically launched in April. But it landed right near the end of the month, and so missed our April round-up. And it’s too big a deal to pass over.

This is a CCG from Riot Games, the team behind the hugely popular MOBA League of Legends. Unsurprisingly, it’s set within the same universe. Yes, there’s a distinct Hearthstone flavour to the game, but with more strategic permutations.

High Rise (2020)

High Rise (2020)
Just when you think there’s no more mileage in the match three puzzler genre, a new game comes along to make you look silly. High Rise doesn’t just add a 3D element to the colour-matching formula, but it also brings height into play.

Here you’re matching up little single unit houses in a bid to form larger buildings, until you find yourself with a compact grid filled with towering skyscrapers. It’s a novel, elegant twist on one of them most oversubscribed mobile genres.

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