Animal Farm

Animal Farm
When your parents start to tell you that you are spending too much time on your phone this Christmas and not enough time helping out or interacting with your brothers and sisters, you can tell them you are actually learning – I am sure every school ever has taught Orwell’s Animal Farm.

You can just start talking about the book and insist that the game itself is an educational game, just due to it’s relevance with schooling, then continue on playing with your phone – something that sounds much better than trying to help mash potatoes with your grandma or play with your little cousin who has no interest in games.

Telling Lies

Publisher: Sam Barlow

Genre: Puzzle

Telling Lies
When you’re sat around the dinner table on Christmas day and Uncle Derek starts telling one of his absurd stories again, you need to know whether or not he’s telling the truth. You need to know if he’s spouting porkies while eating his pigs in blankets. You need to be able to know whether or not he’s Telling Lies.

Yeah, Telling Lies. I think I used a similar set-up to this to include Telling Lies in my listicle where I moaned about the Tories, too. But the point is, it’s really good and you should play it, okay?

Telling Lies is an excellent detective game where all the impetus to come to a conclusion is on you. Take your time, and try to solve the mysteries before you.

Lego Builder’s Journey

Lego Builder's Journey

While not being long in length, you’ll enjoy every minute of LEGO Builder’s Journey. An interesting blend of Minecraft, platforming, and puzzles, this is a must-play Apple Arcade game.

During the Christmas period when you’ve got nieces, nephews, or younger siblings around, LEGO Builder’s Journey is the perfect game to keep the occupied while you have a quick drink with the adults.

It also doubles as a great game to bond with your kids over, as it doesn’t take long to play, but will definitely form some great memories.

Butter Royale

Genre: Action, Multiplayer

Butter Royale
Christmas time has to do with a lot of food and often a bunch of younger kids. Colorful lights, bright characters, and lots of charm come to mind too. Butter Royale seems to have a little bit of all of that – its a massive food fighting game (a shooter, in disguise) that any child is probably allowed to play (even if their parent’s don’t want them to do anything violent.)

There are tons of different food-based weapons (the popcorn cannon is my favourites) as well as bright and cheery levels where you are, in fact, destroying each other. Currently, there is a Christmas update that makes the game even more Christmassy! Butter Royale is apart of Apple Arcade, so it’s totally free for you to play around with.

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

Publisher: CD Projekt Red

Genre: Card battler

Gwent: The Witcher Card Game

We all love a card game at Christmas, and if you do too, then you’ve probably played most of the big ones, like Magic the Gathering and Hearthstone. Well, Gwent: The Witcher Card Game is a newer card game that you might not have played yet. And heck, with the recent Netflix The Witcher series available, you might even get the family interested.

It plays a modified version of the Gwent game you’ll recognise from The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, but optimised and designed to be played against real opponents, and it works incredibly well.

If you’re looking for a brand new card game to get invested in, and perhaps introduce to the geekier members of your family, Gwent: The Witcher Card Game is a great choice.

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