Spaghetti Arms

Spaghetti Arms
If you are looking for a silly distraction this holiday season, Spaghetti Arms is one that contains quick matches (perfect for a few minutes at a time) along with cheerful graphics and a fun premise. You are essentially using your long, jelly arms to lift your character up, avoiding loads of obstacles, much like you might be avoiding real life at this point.

It’s a simple game, one that will easily provide you with a moment of peace if you hand it off to a younger sibling or cousin to try, and it’s easy to understand and play. The perfect game to have on standby this holiday season!

Pokemon GO

Developer: Niantic

Publisher: The Pokemon Company

Genre: Action

Pokemon GO
Sometimes you just need to get outside, right? I feel that urge all the damn time. Family are lovely, but they can also be stressful. Well, what better to do than quickly cool down with a walk around the local area, maybe to the shop if it’s open, and spinning a few PokéStops?

For me, it’s the perfect way to unwind, and if you haven’t been playing Pokémon GO lately, you have missed out on dozens of updates which add many Pokémon and items to the game, in addition to new PokéStops and Gyms.

This is a good time to start playing Pokémon GO, and you’ll be able to get out even more once the weather warms up.

Football Manager 2020 Mobile

Developer: Sports Interactive

Publisher: Sega

Genre: Simulation, Sports

Football Manager 2020 Mobile
This is the kind of game you can introduce to even your grumpy father or uncle on Christmas day. Shortly after dinner, everyone’s unwinding, and you can introduce Football Manager 2020 Mobile to your familial footy fans, and everyone will love the idea of managing their own team.

After all, every footy fan thinks they would do a better job of being a football manager than the people that actually are, so why not put them to the test and see exactly how many matches they win, eh?

But in addition to that, it’s somehow cathartic to just sit down with a manager game and stare at spreadsheets for a few hours. Don’t judge me.

Dota Underlords

Publisher: Valve

Genre: Strategy

Dota Underlords
Once upon a time board games were the ideal Christmas activity, but these days they’re a bit old hat. But the nice thing about DOTA: Underlords is that auto chess games play out, well, pretty much automatically, meaning you don’t have to remove yourself from the Christmas conversation.

You can chat away with grandma and your aunt about how work is going, all while keeping a game of DOTA: Underlords going in your hands to keep the time passing quickly. It’s a great mix, all the distractions you want, without appearing rude.

Auto chess games are a decent choice, but keep in mind you might be playing for hours…

Among Us

Developer: InnerSloth

Publisher: InnerSloth

Genre: Multiplayer, Strategy

Among Us
When your family gets together, I am sure there is a bit of drama. Why not add more by introducing Among Us to the mix? I am sure your younger siblings and cousins have been playing it for weeks, so you might as well all play together.

There is nothing like introducing your great grandmother to a game where she can stab one of her children, causing all sorts of drama – though you may need to decode some words like ‘sus’ and ‘venting’ to those in an older crowd. Among Us has been one of the best games of this year, so it’s one well worth playing – and you probably already have it on your phone.

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