Top 25 best platformers on Android

Updated May 26, 2020: New entries added

Video games have had us jumping over and between stuff since the days of Donkey Kong in 1981.
Nintendo’s seminal platformer gave us the genre’s – and indeed the medium’s – biggest star in Mario. Or, to give him his original name, Jumpman.

“Enough with the history lesson, granddad!” Alright, alright. We’re not here to talk about the history of platformers. We’re here to talk about the present, which inevitably involves smartphones and tablets.

The mobile platformer scene is a suitably diverse one, as happy to nod to Mario and his fellow old-timers as it is to throw up crazy new genre splices.

The following list of Android platformers includes platformers in 2S and 2D. It’s got autorunners, Metroidvanias, RPGs, puzzlers, shooters, and some games we genuinely struggle to categorise.

But even with the latter anomalies, one things remains the same – the core requirement that your character jumps on, over, and between stuff.


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