Updated March 6, 2020: New entries

The auto-runner is one of those awkward sub-genres that incorporates a veritable gumbo of ingredients. Heck, you might not even call the games on this list auto-runners, and we’d understand if that was so.
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You might most commonly associate the auto-runner with the platformer genre, but the truth is that not every auto-runner involves jumping. Some involve piloting craft rather than manoeuvring a person.

A more common term you might use would be the ‘endless runner’, but again that poses a bit of a problem. Not all of the games in this list are endless. Some have clearly defined levels and goals.

The auto-runner, then, is a game in the character or object you control automatically moves forward, leaving you to adjust their course. When you look at it this way, there’s a very clear and rich seam of games that fit such a description on the App Store.

Got all that? Good. Then here are the 25 best auto-runners on iPhone and iPad.


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