Top 10 Upcoming Action Games

That’s right, we’ve got two of the best Norse-inspired video games out there slated for 2021 sequels. Look at the photo above and tell me that Hellblade II doesn’t look intense as hell (pun intended). Senua’s Sacrifice was a dark meditation on love, sacrifice, insecurity, and psychosis, among many other heavy themes. I loved the titular character’s stellar internal monologues as well as the nightmarish environments of Ninja Theory’s depiction of Helheim. Now, I honestly can’t tell you what Hellblade II is going to be about, but it’s obvious that Senua’s journey into the depths of the underworld and her own tortured soul are far from over. I’m mainly excited to see how Ninja Theory ramps up the simple-but-gritty battle sequences from the first game. Hellblade II hasn’t been confirmed for 2021, but I feel pretty confident about an end-of-the-year release. A guy can dream, right? 

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