Tom Clancy's XDefiant – Official Closed Test Map Preview Trailer

Take a sneak peek at Emporium and Air & Space, two arena maps that are included in the upcoming closed test for Tom Clancy’s XDefiant.

Tom Clancy’s XDefiant is a free-to-play, fast-paced arena shooter that combines intense gunplay with personalized loadouts and specialized factions, as teams of gunfighters – called Defiants – battle for domination.

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  1. Everything about this including the main menu techno takes me back to 2010.

  2. every single thing i saw is an asset from the division. the entire fucking game is just going to be division assets and landmarks, slightly altered to fit the feel of this new garbage game. i sure hope no one plays this shit

  3. ich hoffe es bald spielen zu können

  4. i recognize that all these levels fucks sake.. its literally the division and they think we're dumb enough to fall for it

  5. Tom Clancy's b-rolls. What a thrilling trailer.

  6. Tom Clancy XDefinitely gonna flop just like ghost recon breakpoint and elite squadron

  7. holy crap they literally just used division 1 assets.

  8. Tom Clancy would hate this crap

  9. Fans : we like this
    Ubisoft: but we like this better

  10. Imagine showing up three years late to the party and still checking if the door is unlocked to see if you can get in


  12. "A Ubisoft Original" You're not Amazon putting out movies and tv shows, just stop, you're embarrassing yourselfs.

  13. What a waste of a trailer

  14. sooo… they are going to make FPS moba like overwatch using Division assets? The assets looks nice but this is feels cheap when you try to make something with 'Ubisoft Original' tag on it…

  15. Ubisoft could have given the fans what they wanted and made a new Splinter Cell game (especially after all of their recent teases to revisit the franchise) but noooo, they just wanted to cash in on the "hotness" that all the "cool kids" are playing. Smh.

  16. Next ubisoft makes pochinko machines!!!

  17. They want to replace siege with this SHIT!

  18. Maps look solid, surprisingly on the bigger side from looks. Still gonna play more than likely along with BF2042, Halo 5. More shit to play the better. Being bored sucks. Still waiting on Boundary, World War 3, and Vampire: The Masquerade – Bloodhunt. Yes it might sully the great Tom Clancy's name but last I recall none of you guys ever met the man so it shouldn't be THAT big a deal. Its just another shooter game, a free one at that, try the shit for day with or without friends, make your conclusion, simple.

  19. interesting that even in the trailer it takes a second for some stuff to pop in, watch the ground at 0:080:10

  20. Ubisoft you've really butchered the Tom Clancy universe. The first 3 three Splinter Cells, Ghost Recon, Rainbow Six…all freaking amazing tactical near-future semi-realistic military games. Your corporate greed has no bounds.

    – Rainbow Six is a fucking E-sports, predatory micro-transactions and in-game purchases, one of the most toxic communities. While the multi-player is fun it's merely a tactical hero shooter that has zilch to do with Rainbow Six other than it sharing the title.

    – Splinter Cell is MIA and honestly I am glad because fuck knows what you guys will do with it. Maybe turn it into another Far Cry clone? Maybe an live service game? I mean you already botched Sam Fisher in every conceivable way.

    – Ghost Recon is a Far Cry/Assassin's Creed clone. Drone to mark enemies? Check. Outposts to over take? Check. Open world that feels empty for the most part? Check. Incredibly dumb AI? Check. Bunch of arbitrary collectibles and monotonous side objectives barfed all over the map? Check. Ghost Recon now has more in common with Far Cry than it fucking does Ghost Recon.

    Fuck you Ubisoft, your greedy shits. t(-_-)t

  21. For real.if they wanted to make another Division game, all they had to do was just make another one and cut the bullshit… Only reason I might lift an eye on it it's because I'm a fan of Division. And they're disrespecting Tom Clancy.

  22. Division flipped assets. They look great, but Jesus come on Ubisoft.

  23. No. The market is over saturated in this trash.

  24. MOB MENTALITY, ACTIVTE! With our Powers Combined, we can destroy a game before it even comes out!

  25. tom clancy's: rolling in his grave

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