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Whitewater Wipeout – Playdate Trailer | Summer of Gaming 2021

This quirky Whitewater Wipeout trailer shares more information for the game by Chuhai Labs for …


  1. supposed*
    Yes that does indeed appear to be something you made
    Looks chill and worth a visit though.

  2. This looks wonderful. Will absolutely play

  3. thought it was nice at first but then the gameplay proves it is really dumbed down

  4. Japanese text at bottom of hoodie says "The Best things are Sakura (tree) flowers and Samurai (people)", while the Japanese at the top (in big text) says "10, 100, mask". My Japanese girlfriend couldn't really understand the meaning of either.

  5. So, Pokemon snap, with the visuals, sound effects and music from Animal Crossing, in black and white?

    I hope this comes out for mobile, with hardware controller support.

  6. This looks cute. I love that it's black and white.

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