Titanfall 2 Official Colony Reborn Gameplay Trailer

This map from the original game returns, along with classic weapons, a new grapple execution and more.

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  1. I like Northstar's new Gundam-like look.

  2. nioce but but am i the only one that wants some more story content ? lol =/

  3. I loved TF1, TF2 just feels…wrong…and I don't like any of the new maps. Thankfully they seem to be bringing back all the old ones in each DLC which I'm happy about. Truth be told though I haven't touched the game since before the first DLC came out. The new maps really do ruin it for me.

  4. Most underrated FPS of 2016

  5. thing is the animstions of the executions look dead on xbox one

  6. This game needs a horde mode or something more PVE coop.

    I'm in Australia and the servers have a tiny population

  7. This is how you do DLC looks at battlefield and call of duty why can't you just do that

  8. What is the diff with the prime titans? Is it just cosmetic?

  9. this game is far from dead, you bunch of arse bandits.

  10. Dat Curbcheck…

    Scorpion's GET OVER HERE X Ray Move

  11. Seriously? All this negative about this being a dead game? Apparently none of the posters here have visited the Official Titan page on YT. But hey, to each their own.

  12. This is not enough to bring back players imo.

  13. Only like Pilot vs Pilot :'-)

  14. Is this game dead or nah?

  15. People still play this game?

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