Titan Quest Official Console Launch Trailer

The action-RPG is available now on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, with a Nintendo Switch release planned in the future.

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  1. congrats consoles, you got a 12+ year old game finally

  2. What a slap to the nuts this is for console gamers. Grim Dawn was the game we really need on consoles, not this relic.

  3. Powered by the new GYROS engine

  4. Hyped for this and Pillars 2

  5. Yes bring all pc games to console's especially demonicon🤞 HELL YEAH ON TITAN QUEST

  6. Without local coop, not interested

  7. In pc mrace since 2006

  8. The game is alright, but very dated, and the long stretches of empty maps go on for way too long.

    Grim Dawn is made by the same devs recently and you can really tell how much they learned and improved upon. I'd recommend that one if it comes to consoles.

  9. At first, game is awsome, after few hours feels uncomplete and boring

  10. I was expecting something like fall of rome but nope!

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