Tips to race ahead in GRID Autosport multiplayer

Powerful control

It’s important that you take accurate and precise control of your vehicle, especially when racing against real people. They won’t go easy on you at all.

In the settings you will find a wide variety of control schemes, from the default control scheme with tilt controls, to an on-screen steering wheel you can use.

Being able to control your vehicle accurately is important, and it’s for this reason that experienced racers will want full control of their steering, acceleration, and more.

Better performance

I mentioned more, and that’s important. The fact is you’ve got your on-screen controls sorted now, but you’ll need to do more in order to get perfect control of your vehicle.

Go further into the settings, and you’ll find more in-depth control options, including traction control, ABS, and more.

ABS is the big one, as it will actually automatically brake for corners. This can mess up your skills, even if you’re not an experienced GRID racer. Make sure to tweak all of these in order to fully have the edge against online players.

Every corner like the palm of my hand

If you’ve played any racing game before, you’ll know how important it is to know the layout of the track precisely. Whether you’re drifting around corners in Mario Kart or you’re drag racing in Asphalt 9, you know how important it is to understand these tracks.

For this, well, it’s a game of repetition. The more you play the track, the better you will know it. If you own the full game, it’s advisable to try playing the tracks that appear in multiplayer several times.

As you play you’ll eventually be able to master your lines around the track and those tight corners, so keep trying until you get it. It’s all about perseverance.

Quick reset

This, if you’re anything like me, will be incredibly handy. If you crash out or get turned around from a bad corner, you can hit the small arrow button in the bottom left with a 3 on it to reset yourself on the track.

Yes, you will likely lose a bit of time, but less than having to turn yourself around. You will also lose time for cutting corners over white lines.

So if you want to win, it’s not just about coming first. Make sure you actually stay on the track, and try not to crash out, and you should have a good enough time to come ahead, especially if your rivals on the track are crashing a bunch…

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