Custom controls

This is more important than anything: if you want to race with accuracy, you need to use the control scheme ideal for you.

KartRider Rush+ offers a bunch of different controls schemes for you to play around with, including tilt controlers, and a customisable layout.

But what I found to be most effective was the four-button layout, with left and right direction controls and dedicated left and right drift controls, which I found allowed me to take corners a little bit more tightly.

Drift and boost

These are the key mechanics of any good kart racer, and KartRider Rush+ does a great job of implementing them.

You will have a very tight, manoeuvrable drift which can allow you to get through awkward corners. In addition to that, drifts will give you N2O, which you can use to boost ahead.

In addition to that, you can actually tap the screen rapidly when driving down straights to activate tiny extra boosts which can push you ahead of the competition.

License to ride

Once you’ve cleared through a bunch of story mode and the standard races, it will inevitably be time for you to start upgrading your license.

If you go into the licenses screen, you’ll find a variety of challenges to undertake. Complete all of the challenges in any section, and you’ll upgrade your license.

This is important, because a bunch of singleplayer content is actually locked behind getting better licenses, meaning you can’t ease up on playing until you have all of the licenses unlocked.

Multiplayer mayhem

Yes, this game has multiplayer, thank goodness, and it’s in the game from launch. Mario Kart Tour just had a big update, but it really doesn’t compare to this.

The only issue is that you can’t unlock multiplayer mode until you hit level 10. Boo! Well it’s not too bad, as you should be able to hit this level pretty quickly.

Take out the first few challenges and license exams, in addition to a bit of story mode, and you’ll surely be able to get into multiplayer mode before you know it.

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