Tips to collect cards and beat enemies fast in Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road on mobile

Coloured cards

The battle system at the heart of Kingdom Hearts: Dark Road is a simple one, all about matching up the correct cards to do the most damage, and if your cards are the same colour, you get a multiplier. It’s pretty simple to start with.

Things do inevitably get far more complicated, though it’s nothing you won’t be able to handle. The main thing you want to understand is what cards to use, and that auto-battle will not always make the right decisions.

If you do not have a set of three cards the same colour, pick two of one colour (usually the plainest, lowest-rank cards) and then the single card which is solo. Do this whenever you don’t have a triple in your hand, and you’ll eventually chain triples.

Gacha decks

The game’s battle system is very simple and straightforward not matter how much you invest in the gacha system, making it all feel a bit pointless. Nevertheless, it is most certainly here and present.

Better cards pulled out of the gacha pile will definitely help you progress faster in battle and beat down stronger enemies, but you don’t have to worry about that all yourself.

Once you’ve pulled some gacha and powered up Xehanort and your cards, you can simply click the Optimise button on your stats screen to equip the best cards immediately available to you.

BP to battle

As you fight you’ll earn BP, and while BP is a lot like experience or EXP in many other gacha RPGs, you’ll need to be hands-on with your delivery of it.

Go into your stats screen and tap the amount of BP you have at the top of the screen – if the BP stat is flashing, you’ve probably get excess BP you didn’t know about.

After that, you can level up Xehanort. If you’ve been struggling early on in the game, this will likely be why, as the game doesn’t tutorialise levelling up. Nightmare!

Album, missions

When you defeat enemies they will all be collected into an ever-expanding album of characters you’ve battled with, and before you know it, this album will be offering you dozens of bonuses which will allow you to chain and defeat loads of enemies at a time.

All you have to do is go into the Album menu whenever there’s an icon on it, and you’ll get bonuses for defeating enemies. From that point onwards whenver you defeat an enemy you’ll be given a bonus.

The bonuses start out small, with just an extra HP being thrown onto your life bar, but before you know it you’ll be able to get massive damage and magic attack bonuses from defeating enemies. This becomes even easier if you leave the game to auto-battle monsters in the world for a little while once you’ve levelled yourself up…

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