Tiny Metal Trailer

Tiny Metal is a military themed turn-based tactics game which features simple yet deep gameplay and an engaging story.

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  1. Buying this! Advance Wars was my JAM on GBA as a Kid

  2. "…This is good"- yoko taro

    well, I'm sold

  3. So more complex Advance Wars with a Battalion Wars aesthetic…AND its on the Switch. (hope it has more COs than shown) Auto-buy. Nintendo owns 2017.

  4. Nindendo, this should be advance wars by now!!! Oh well still buying it for the switch

  5. If you wont make more Advance Wars, someone else will.

  6. Yep this is pretty much 3D advance wars sweet! Not only do we have an original style mid evil one but now we have a fully 3D one! That's 2 games (1 already added) added to my switch list!

  7. This is going to be one of the Sony published Switch titles, and this reminds me of Advance Wars.

  8. Advance Wars pretty much.

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