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Angry Alligator – Official Launch Trailer

Watch the launch trailer for Angry Alligator, available now on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. …


  1. Just when you thought those two were going to live happily ever after.

  2. I saw this as a commercial and my gosh its amazing.

  3. The moment you're watching the trailer and imagining what a cool concept for a co-op platformer this would be (being stuck to one another by the hand)… and then realise you've missed the fact that it's a Magic: The Gathering Card Game D:

  4. i swear to god this is the best trailer i saw in 2019

  5. What colors would Shrek be?

  6. song: can't take my eyes off you

  7. the best spin off of sherk

  8. Now that's how to avenge your lover. Go for the eyes.

  9. I sat through this as a regular commercial. Bravo, very well done 😊👍

  10. This was so amazing that it could honestly have been submitted for consideration for best animated short at the academy awards.. need to change the ending for that though. very impressive!

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