Threat Runner from HORNE Cyber Allows Testing of Network Response to Malware

HORNE Cyber has announced the release of Threat Runner, a new security product that is the first of its kind to safely emulate an authentic malware infection on an organization’s network, exposing vulnerabilities in need of remediation without encrypting files and sensitive data.

Cybersecurity engineers using Threat Runner can reverse engineer malware from the ground up and accurately emulate threats while de-weaponizing them. This allows for security testing to be done against real threats, instead of hypothetical threats, providing a true picture of where an organization’s security portfolio is.

“There is no better way to know your own cybersecurity threshold than witnessing how your network will react to real world threats,” says Dr. Wesley McGrew, Director of Cyber Operations at HORNE Cyber. “We believe Threat Runner is a revolutionary advancement for IT and cybersecurity professionals. It delivers easy access for organizations of any size to take an offense-oriented approach to cyber resilience and strengthen their overall security postures.”

Threat Runner can currently test six of the most damagin malwares in circulation, according to the press release:

  • WannaCry is one of the most prolific threats active in today’s threat landscape, impacting major organizations such as the United Kingdom’s National Health Service, The Boeing Company, FedEx and Nissan. WannaCry has caused more than $8 billion in global damage costs since it aggressively emerged in 2017. In addition to WannaCry, this simulation will show the impact of other ransomware variants that utilize the “EternalBlue” exploit including Bad Rabbit, Yatron and Not-Petya.
  • Satan is a ransomware variant that is sold on the dark web allowing users to tailor their own code and ransom demands. Satan is a dark omen for a near future where deploying ransomware is user-friendly and easily accessible.
  • Cerber has attacked millions of Microsoft Office 365 users by bypassing security tools. It is constantly being updated by its developers to ensure its place as a continued threat.

There will be much more coming for Threat Runner as well. Developers are continually updating the product with the latest malware and ransomware variants to better prepare security teams worldside.

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