TheCodingMonkey’s iOS version of Carcassonne is set to be removed from the App Store on 1st March

TheCodingMonkey’s digital version of the board game Carcassonne is set to to be removed from the App Store on 1st March. It was originally released back in 2010, so it’s been around for around 10 years at this point – give or take a few months – so it’s definitely a little sad to see it go, even if it’s swiftly set to be replaced.

TheCodingMonkey’s have reduced the price of the game to £4.99 between now and then if you still wanted to buy the game before it disappears. They’re guaranteeing to run the online portion of the game for at least another year and have added an optional paid subscription to help this continue for longer.

The game has racked up some impressive stats in its decade long stint on iOS devices. Over 8.5 million games have been completed and they’ve also continuously updated the App so it’s catered for 20 models of iPhone and 19 iPad variants in its history. They’ve even updated it this week to use all of the screen estate available on new iPads.

The reason for the closure is fairly straightforward, their contract with Hans im Glück – the folks behind Carcassonne – has ended. Asmodee will be taking over that contract on iOS and so they are expected to release their interpretation of the game for Apple devices shortly after the removal of TheCodingMonkey’s version.

Asmodee is, of course, already familiar with Carcassonne, having already released the game on multiple platforms, including Android, Switch and PC. We reviewed the Android version of the game back when it released in 2017, finding it to be an excellent interpretation of the game.

Carcassonne is currently available on the App Store for a discounted price £4.99 until is removed from the App Store on 1st March. Meanwhile, Asmodee’s version of the game is available on Google Play for £4.29 with an iOS version expected to follow TheCodingMonkeys removal of their version from the App Store.
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