The Seven Chambers is an upcoming is a hidden object game that’s been developed by both Three Headed Eagle and Cateia Games, with Plug in Digital handling the publishing duties. It will be available for iOS on 17th March as a premium title, following its PC release back in 2018.

The game follows the story of Elasaid who starts the game in a coma after being severely injured during the London Riots. Whilst in her coma, she experiences a past life as a Highland Warrior. She’d never previously believed in this kind of thing before but soon finds her beliefs shook as she’s tasked with navigating her way through The Seven Chambers.

Her reward for completing this gauntlet will be freedom back into the world she knows. However, along the way she discovers a lost soul who is doomed to rot in the chambers for eternity. After growing very close to them she’ll have to decide between freedom and her new love. It’s definitely a tough one.

There are 30 scenes and 20 minigames in total that you’ll have to hunt for objects in as well as beating the various games it throws at you. These are often focused around the themes of astrology and alchemy so you can expect some cosmic experiences there. Especially given that she’ll also do battle with jealous planets, fallen angels and alchemists.
It’s an incredibly beautiful looking game, as you can see from the various screenshots included in this article, with a lovely painterly look going for it. It also has some award pedigree too, having been nominated for a TIGA Game Industry Award in the casual game category.

The Seven Chambers will be available on the App Store on 17th March. It will be a premium title that costs $4.99.
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