The Pillar, a gorgeous escape room game, is out now on iOS

Paper Bunker is releasing a new escape room game today called The Pillar for iOS devices. It was originally released on Steam back in June of last year.

In The Pillar, you are trapped on a fantasy land made of several small islands where you need to solve a bunch of puzzles to be set free. The game features a blend of exploration and problem-solving as you use the environment to seek your way out.

Each island has its own unique aesthetic and feel to it, as you uncover the secrets it holds and slowly find your way out. The puzzles are varied in their design, but each one requires you to pay attention to your surroundings as they change the layout of the levels or open up new rooms which lead to even more puzzles to solve. It’s a labyrinth which changes with each new room you solve, allowing for more challenges to present themselves as you progress.

Check out the trailer below to see some gameplay from The Pillar. As you can see, it has big ‘The Witness’ vibes in its approach to level and visual design, and so fans of that game may want to check it out.

The move from PC to mobile has meant the controls for the game need to be tweaked to accommodate the touch screen. Paper Bunker assured us that the game makes use of intuitive virtual dual joysticks, and given that it’s a casual, more chilled puzzle experience we can expect this new control scheme to work quite well for the platform.

You can grab The Pillar now from the iOS App Store. It’s a premium title which costs $4.99.

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