The Pathless: Three reasons why you might enjoy the distinctive game

Blend of Pace

One of the fun things about The Pathless is how smooth the pacing is. For some, it may not be a big deal to worry about such a thing, but with gamers becoming more observant now than ever, it is definitely something that can stand out and affect your experience.

What’s nice about the pacing in the game is that you can stroll around areas and take your time, or you can sprint, and when sprinting, you showcase tremendous speed and athleticism. You can’t sprint at any time, however, as you need to shoot destroy some floating devices to fill your meter.

Once you have some boost in your meter, then you can take off. This a nice way of having a clean, balanced experience when on the move. And being able to spring is a joy because you’ll be able to jump high and shoot enemies with your bow and arrow from mid-air.

Satisfying, Fast-Paced Combat

For a game that can at times feel pretty relaxing due to its beauty, The Pathless has some excellent combat oozing within its gameplay. As we mentioned, the pacing in the game is great and it coincides nicely with the overall combat system. 

Firing your bow and arrow infinitely is just a lot of fun, especially when on the move. In some games, using a weapon usually slows your speed down. Not in The Pathless. You can get in a full sprint and jump high to blast items and foes with your arrows. 

The game’s graceful movements help make the experience a lot of fun. Not to mention that you’ll meet a hawk or eagle that will be your companion throughout your journey. You can use your new friend to help you reach heights and fire your arrows from above. 

Wide Open World

One of the things that we talked about a bit already with The Pathless is how it has an open world environment that can be explored freely. Yes, you have a linear goal in trying to destroy the evil that is affecting the world, but the land itself isn’t just a straight line.

And with no real tutorials or anything, the game really tests your curiosity. You’ll find yourself getting lost in the world, soaking everything in and discovering new areas. There’s a mask that you will discover that will open up even more portals into other areas on the island.

Take complete advantage of this as you never know what secrets you will unlock or what foes you will discover in this lush, breathtaking world.

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