The Magnificent Trufflepigs – Official Teaser Trailer

Take a look at the trailer for this upcoming first-person, romantic, metal-detecting game, The Magnificent Trufflepigs.

In The Magnificent Truffle Pigs, take on the role of Adam (voiced by Doctor Who’s Arthur Darvill and DC’s Legends of Tomorrow) as he returns to his childhood village, Stanning. It’s there he teams up with Beth (voiced by Luci Fish of Safe House and Another Eden) in her search for a local treasure but all is not as it seems, and Adam must uncover the truth.

The Magnificent Trufflepigs launches on PC and Nintendo Switch in early Summer 2021.

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  1. Fire watch meets a metal detector anyone?

  2. Sorry. Everybody is gone to the rapture was boring. I was expecting something more thrilling but it was slow and boring

  3. Why should I sub to this channel if the trailers are going to be shown on your main channel? It's just clogging up my feed.

  4. A nice little story game is always good and I hope this time the game will have faster walking speeds.

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