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  1. всё никак не успокоятся?

  2. Fuck sake. Can't we just get a good LOTR game. Take lessons from God of War and Witcher and make an LOTR game. Card games are oversaturated with Gwent, Hearthstone and MTG. You're unlikely to bring in a decent playerbase

  3. This will fail, the market is so over-saturated. it will be hard to to topple Hearthstone and MTGO, plus you have Gwent and not a lot of new players coming to the market so i'm not sure what these guys are hoping for

  4. Give us a third person action adventure LotR game similar to God of War 2018!
    Not a damn card game…

  5. Its solo and co-OP? Ugh!

  6. Well that was melodramatic…

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