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Angry Alligator – Official Launch Trailer

Watch the launch trailer for Angry Alligator, available now on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. …


  1. Smh….no go home nintendo your drunk

  2. its our 30th birthday and we just got a gift our parents had already given us before even at our age but we're still happy coz we love them haha
    side note what kind of fucken anniversary is that nintendo

  3. 😂😂😂😂 imagine playing $70 for a port that doesn’t have fast travel

  4. Love the music and I enjoyed playing half of the game until you had to keep going back to locations that you had already completed. Never finished it because of that, and I'm really not interested in playing it again. Wish Nintendo would actually release some switch games that are not ports or actually worth buying. My switch is collecting dust

  5. If this one can be ported to swtich, metroid prime 3 also can.

  6. Nice detail that triforce in the corner on the wall.

  7. Didn’t like it the first time and I’m certainly not going to be paying double to hate it all over again.

  8. bruh im not paying 60 dollars for a game i can get for wayy cheaper

  9. Do you have to use motion controls?

  10. Give us the uncensored version for PC

  11. This was the ugliest game in the series

  12. Not interested. Don't charge me $25 to unlock a game feature on a decade old game, Nintendo

  13. who else is charging $70-$90 for a Wii game, other than “Just Dance 2021”


  14. They want $60 for this 🙄

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