Edmund McMillen and The Label Limited has released The Legend of Bum-bo for Android devices after it was released on PC over a year ago. McMillen’s previous work includes side-scroller Super Meat Boy and the roguelike The Binding of Isaac, the latter of which The Legend of Bum-bo is actually a prequel of.

It’s a deckbuilding roguelike where you gather items to modify, upgrade and combine them in interesting ways. You play as the Bum-bo where each one has its own unique abilities, and they smash, bash and splash their way through a series of cardboard monstrosities and large bosses.

Every stage is comprised of four rooms where you fight various enemies and a boss, and in order to do this you match tiles on a board similar to the way it works in games like Bejeweled and Candy Crush Saga. This allows you to attack, cast spells and put up your defenses, and since the game features over a hundred items to use, there’s a lot options at your disposal.

See the trailer linked above, which we ran as part of our recent Pocket Gamer Launchpad. As a big fan of The Binding of Isaac, I never got around to playing this when it launched on PC but it seems really suited to the mobile interface.

The Legend of Bum-bo is out now for the Google Play for Android store. We originally reported last month that the game would be heading to Play Pass, Google’s premium mobile games subscription service, however it doesn’t appear to have launched on there just yet. We’ll be sure to update you if that changes. For now, you can purchase it for £14.49.
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