The Game Awards 2020 Livestream

The Game Awards 2020 will be live around the world for a special night with awards, new game announcements, musical performances, and lots of special guests: Gal Gadot, Brie Larson, Troy Baker, Stephen A. Smith, The Muppet’s Swedish Chef, and more!
Tune in live on Thursday, December 10 at 3:30 PM PT / 6:30 PM ET / 12:30a CET.


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  1. Did nobody tell him how fucking stupid he looks wearing those shoes with that outfit

  2. This was truly the Award show worthy of the Citizen Kaniness of Chindler's List of John Wickian interactive visual-based playthings.

  3. The biggest Joke gaming Won the GOTY?
    How are the VGAs relevant at this point?

    2020 just got another dose of shit can LMAO ….

  4. I knew something was off when they put the whole "latinX" thing.

  5. Mortal shell should have won everything. Hands down 🤷‍♂️

  6. asian father’s last : Asura's Wrath

    US: ummm

  7. Paycheck Game Awards confirmed

  8. how can could worse? watch this awards. this yewar been dry on games tbh. I would pick Hades over last of us 100 times

  9. well naughty dogg is officially dead to me.

  10. The stupidest game award 2020

  11. i dont care if TLOU2 won i care about YAKUZA 3-6 ON PC 4:26:08

  12. Last of us 2 best game of the century. I call it the Justin Bieber effect. Something is so good and popular you're only alternative to appear unique and edgy is to overly hate it for no reason 😂😂😂😂 anyways I didn't even bother to play any other game this year what could possibly compare lol

  13. I won't tune in next year if this is how the awards are going to conduct themselves.

    I'm sick of this industry

  14. The only good part was seeing Jacksepticeye and Keanu Reeves. How tf DOOM didn’t win anything???


  16. Last of us 2…
    Never watching this shit again

  17. Is the dreaming thing still a thing cause yes you can visit people IN DREAMS.

  18. Every smash fan was like: “hippity hoppity, your stream is now our property”

  19. Very well deserved TLOU 2

  20. If TLOU2 deserved game of the year, why does the whole comment section hate the game?

  21. A new character skin is not a "World Premiere"..

  22. Everyone when TLOU 2 wins like 7 times: "You've genuinely angered me!"

  23. The dislike/like ratio still on
    The comments still on

    Give it 24 hrs until they do it.

    If not, get ready for the massive dislikes

    The Rigged Awards

  24. The entire thing was rigged and Naughty Dogs bribed the awards to have them win half of all the awards. Well done Sony, you dickheads

  25. Last of us 2 won in best director and goty? Wtf?

  26. I'm glad bright eyes doesnt look like such a violent starving singer about to break. Seeing him play online now I feel safe. That one night though I believed not just what I saw in with my eyes but also that 21 year old head of mine that had just landed my first job that was paying me a fair wage a month earlier. I lost it a couple weeks later but I had one for a month in my life. I dont know if I've ever been paid a fair wage since. I was always owed more than I got.

  27. TLOU2? People despite that game. What the fuck?

  28. Wow, what a disappointing show. The only good part were the trailers. This is why no one actually takes the winners of these seriously.

  29. how the fuck did doom eternal not win best action game ????????

  30. in my opinion, i dont think last of us 2 should of won the accessibility award (or what ever they called it) it feels like its spitting on the face of some games that try to work towards people who have trouble playing games in general. I could be wrong i havent touched last of us 2 my self because i have n0t played the first one. so im not a hater of the serious, im just confused on why it won that award.

  31. straight boys be whining in the comments XD

  32. Thank the ancients Bioware is treating continuing Andromeda and the DA absence equal to a 2k20 & Anthem sandwich while watching this award show and expecting vocal excitement in the announcements. Just hope EA will allow Bioware some creative distance. Ive met some employees here in Austin and they are all wonderful people. Last of Us 2, well deserved imo. If you can make a game rock without 80 ccs of microtransactions on day 1 you already have my vote. That campaign made it feel important to support ND without succumbing to being an average 🐑. I will always shoot extra cash for some sweet cosmetics or cool weapon skins to AAA games making it feel like they invested in making a story/game to remember and not a financial blueprint for 5 years.

  33. The game awards show was also trying to push the woke agenda that a reason why last of us 2 won a lot of rewards.

  34. Ofc it was gonan be last of us 2, in my opinion it was not even close to game of the year but this show is made to show general media that gaming can be taken seriously and what represents that better then the last of us, if there is a game this year that really saved us it is animal crossing, what a joy to play that was, aside from that ghost of tsushima would have been an amazing pick too

  35. Last of us part 2 game of the year… Boooo! I get it it doesn't matter what ppl vote for because lots of us dont know about developers and gaming studios but really last of us part 2???

  36. Something was wrong with the audio during the last of us 2 review, i swear it sounded like a truck loaded with money for a corporate scripted reading

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