Let’s dive into the best new mobile RPGs of 2020 and see what worlds are worth diving into in this new year.

When it comes to games that take a person out of their current world, into something new, where they can play as a new character, 2020 was in need of some great ones! We all seemed to need a break from reality, a break from whatever was going on in the year. So why not take that break through video games, exploring worlds that are so unlike anything you could ever experience in real life, diving into other places in hopes of having fun, even for just a little while.

RPGs are defined as role-playing games, here a player is playing as a character in a functional setting. They can have a narrative drive, character development through decisions made in game. RPGs are often quite long, as the story develops, side quests are discovered, and there are so many different people to talk to and visit. They are the type of game that people spend a lot of time in as well, enjoying the world.

Without further ado, check out the list!


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