The Arcade is a stylish celebration of coin-op arcade classics from the minds behind Vostok Inc

Nosebleed Interactive and Rogue Games’ The Arcade is a stylish celebration of coin-op arcade classics that’s heading straight for an Android and Google Play Pass launch this summer.

While it’ll no doubt appeal to those looking for a comfy nostalgia trip, it’s also very much a Nosebleed Interactive game, meaning that you should expect no shortage of good-humoured strangeness and creativity. 

The developer’s previous release, Vostok Inc, was a strangely compelling blend of shmup action and idle progression mechanics. As a space-capitalist, you’d visit different planets and gradually build a clicker empire while occasionally engaging in space battles. It all gelled surprisingly well, was regularly funny, and earned itself some solid reviews from users and critics.

The Arcade is a similarly varied experience, serving up 24 different games that, from what I can tell, are a mixture of older mini-games from Nosebleed’s back catalogue and fun spins on arcade classics. They’re all contained within an in-game arcade that adds some extra personality to the overall package.

The good just looks right, and the team has clearly put a lot of effort into emulating the experience of gaming in an arcade environment, from the lighting to the screen effects to the carpet.
Some of the games on offer include Space Race Simulator, Outrun, Smashed, Air Assault, Woodguy Golf, Woodguy Jr., Cyper Dance, Attack Vector, Gravichase, and Rouge Rogue. Among them are action games, sports games, wood chopping sims, and more. 

The Arcade is currently slated to launch this summer as a premium release for Android and Google Play Pass. An iOS version is expected to follow at a later date. If the quality of the team’s previous work is any indication, this definitely won’t be one to miss.
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