Telltale’s The Walking Dead: A few tips for playing the game on mobile

Tip #2 – Interact with Many Items

The Walking Dead Game is mainly about choice-making as well as interacting with things. Many things will be interactable from the start of the game to the end of the game. Check out a little bit of everything as this can open up things a little bit.

Kind of like in Life is Strange (which likely took some inspiration from TWD choice-based system), interacting with things allows you to open up the story. You’ll be able to learn more about the past and piece things together. On many occasions, interacting will just have Lee saying something about the item he sees. This can lead to some fun dialogue depending on the item.

In a game as story-driven as TWD is, it’s only fitting to take in everything that you see. You might uncover some things about Lee and Clementine’s past if you pay attention which is always pretty interesting. Doing so typically doesn’t have a major impact on gameplay but you just never know.

Tip #2 – Get Used to Following Prompts

For a narrative, choice-based experience, The Walking Dead Game is action-packed as it should be considering it’s a zombie apocalypse game. So, this means that there will be some quick decisions you need to make during certain combat scenes and such.

Instead of you having full control and kicking the walkers in the rear yourself, you’ll need to rely on the on-screen prompts to perform different actions. Don’t worry, if you die, you’ll just leave where you left off and start the situation over again.

However, if you want to avoid dying all of the time, then get used to having a quick trigger. In particular, there’s one moment in the game where you’ll need to be super quick if you want to succeed. However, that particular situation doesn’t affect your story at all except for a super slight change at dialogue, but if you’re a competitor you may just want to drill that moment just for satisfaction because we are gamers, darn it.

Tip #3 – An Extra Thing of Note

This tip isn’t necessarily a “tip” as it is a reminder. If you haven’t played The Walking Dead Game yet, or if you’re in the middle of episode one, then just keep in mind that each chapter isn’t broken up into sections like the aforementioned Life is Strange.

So, if you wanted to change some of your choices, you would need to go through the entire episode again just to do so. So in short, choose wisely or just play without those little regrets. However, I will say that there are really only a handful of “major” choices.

There are other choices that can seem major but aren’t as important as you think. They may be important in terms of how Lee’s relationships with different characters are affected, but that’s really about it. So, you should be smooth sailing. And just like with any video game, you can pause it if you’re stuck on a major choice. And if you are unsure, please do pause as there is a timer for your choices.

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