Tales of the Neon Sea, now a TapTap exclusive, is coming to Android globally on August 5th

Tales of the Neon Sea, the cyberpunk puzzle adventure from Palm Pioneer, is coming globally and exclusively to TapTap on Android this August 5th. The pixel art point-and-click title currently has a price tag of $16.99 on Steam, but since it’s now joined the growing lineup of TapTap exclusive titles, players can dive into the so-called neon sea on Android absolutely free with no in-app purchases or pesky ads in the way.

The visually stunning indie title now lets players pre-register for the game on TapTap. Set in a stylish cyberpunk world, Tales of the Neon Sea puts you in the shoes of Rex, a private investigator with cybernetic parts. Throughout the game, you’ll get dragged into a series of curious cases and travel through the gorgeous cityscape of neon lights and robot rebellions.

Interacting with NPCs goes hand-in-hand with solving a wide variety of puzzles, and to progress through the game, you’ll need to take on the role of a street-smart cat every now and then. For instance, fetching some parts through tight sewers will require a different set of skills – something that only a feline sidekick can do for you.

TapTap exclusives look to be the future of Android gaming, with more and more titles joining the roster. If you’re eager to get your hands on Tales of the Neon Sea, you can head on over to the platform to sign up with a 0% service fee. I also previously reviewed the game when it came out on iOS, so you can give it a quick read if you want to know what the experience of the gameplay is like.

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